Disruption to your working day?

For a thorough PAT test to be carried out the equipment needs to be powered down (only for a very short time, to allow us to safely test each item). Here at PAST.ie, we are sensitive to the needs of organisations, and can carry out tests outside normal time if required – this can include early morning, evening, or weekend (by arrangement).

Reporting and certification

We at PAST.ie provide certification for all the work undertaken. This can be in the form of a paper based copy (framed versions are available for display). A copy will also be emailed along with a list of all assets checked (this thus provides you with an inventory of all electrical goods in the organisation and where they are located). The records of the tests done will be maintained for a minimum of 10 years and will be available for inspection.

Pricing policy

Here at PAST.ie, we provide a personal service based on your needs with a clear pricing policy in which the amount you are quoted will be what you pay. Since we provide RISK-BASED tests, there will be no unnecessary testing.